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About Me


I first became a BeautiControl Independent Consultant because I loved the products. I never saw myself doing this as a business. But now, I wouldn't’t have it any other way. I have flexibility and more time to spend with my family – I choose when I want to do my business. What’s better than setting my own hours and sharing a product I truly believe in! As you can see by the pictures BeautiControl has allowed me to do what I choose when I want, spend lots of time with family and friends and travel. 

If you are looking to make a change I guantee that this is the Right place to Be. I have grown so much over the 10+ years I've been with BeautiControl and thank God daily for giving such an amazing team of woman to work with and call Family.

Discover the Beauty of being in control. Contact me today to learn more about the opportunity of a lifetime.

Kristel Martin~ BeautiControl Mustang Director

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