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Recruiting 101  

It is said, If you help enough people get what they want out of life, you will get what you want out of life. Same concept applies in BC. When you help others to reach their goals for earnings through our spa-parties, you will earn comission on their sales, and your income will grow significantly.

There are three ways to earn with BeautiControl.

1. Host spa parties and pocket your profit.

2. Collect reorders and build a consistent client base.

3. Build a team of spa girls and teach them how to spa.

Here's a great way to share & get off to a GREAT start by selling to Friends & Family with a simple set sheet & coupons you can offer!!
Simple Set Sheet 

These are used with simple set sheet, you had tax & $1-$2 shipping if you per order to cover your cost. 



  • Sr. Consultant- One active consultant, you are on your way to VIP!
  • VIP- Three active consultants, 50% profit on all orders, 4% commission
  • SVIP- Six active personal consultants, 50% profit on all orders, 8% commission
  • EVIP- Nine active personal consultants, 12% commission.
  • Director- Eighteen personal active consultants, $10,000 per month cummulitive team sales, up to 24% commissions.
  • To Promote to Director: 18 personal consultants, no month below $8000, 3 months of $30K in team sales cummulitive OR 2 months at $24K cummulitive.

Career Plan at-a-glance
Quick, one page chart explaining the levels of leadership leading to Director. Commissions, bonuses, and levels
Aug 2013 Career at a Glance

VIP~EVIP Career Enhancements; August 2013 Changes

to Director Intro
Want to become a BC director? Read this first then print out the map just below. Thanks to Anja Grissom for this tool.
Road to Director into PDF

What is a Sr. Consultant and how do I get there?
Sr Cons PDF

Documents to help you track your activity/Growth
Road to Director Map
This is a six-month guide to Director. Great tool for keeping you on track on your journey. Thanks Anja Grissom for this tool.

Guide to Scorecards
Scorecards are a great way to keep your activities balanced at whatever level you are at in BeautiControl. Read this guide before you start. Thanks to Penny Cummings.

Consultant - Sr. Consultant Blank Scorecard
Con~Sr Cons Blank PDF

VIP - SVIP Blank Scorecard

EVIP Blank Scorecard

DIRECTOR Blank Scorecard
Director Blank PDF



When you start building a team I would encourage you to listen to recruiting calss & playback, just click on cenference calls at beautinet.com under trainings/events/webinars/recruiting. Also go to Lisa Hermann's website at www.hermannunit.com for some amazing tips the call describes putting together a recruiting basket. This basket is filled with all the products a new consultant will receive when she joins our company. The products can be empty, previously used items, as this is just a visual.










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