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Consultant Corner



President Nikola Milivojevic bringing some amazing insights & Energy of what your future can look like as you pursue your dreams with BEauticontrol and our un-matched career plan you are able to advance at lighting speed and be compensated each step. I encourage each of you to Move ahead 1 level. Setting goals enable you to have a plan, if you don't work your plan then you plan to fail. Even though there maybe opticles they are experiences that make us better people. 

BC Spa is the place to be and why wait.... start making your dreams come true NOW!!. I am challenging EVERYONE on the Martin Team to close your eyes, sit back and Dream. With BEauticontrol your Dreams are only Limited by your imagination. If you want change then it all begins with YOU. BEauticontrol has made some incredible changes and if you are looking for any of the following in your life; contact me today to make a plan to live life YOUR WAY!

We are known for being the company who brings Hot new game changing ideas to the industry 1st and now is NO exception! We were the first to bring Color Analisys to the home in the 80's, Alpha Hydroxy in the 90's and home Spa in 2000's, Red Racy Mustang was our trademark and NOW BEauticontrol is Changing the Game for ALL the industry and giving you the chance to earn a FREE MERCEDES-BENZ!!! I would LOVE to work with you to to fulfill all you and family's dreams!!

1. Financial (Debt Free)
2. Travel (World Class)
3. Friendship
4. Retirement
5. Just Because

I am PROUD to have such a wonderful team of caring woman. Keep sharing and spreading the BC SPA~ and changing lives! 


Fall is Here, which brings the BIGGEST time of the year for selling.  October through December is the Best time to meet new people and let family know they can shop from your store...Share your business wherever you go.  Weather you join BEauticontrol as a "Shopper Girl or Money Maker Girl" the choice is yours. 2+2+2 is a guarantee Success. I'm ready to help you launch your business into stardom. Don't leave MONEY on the table, its the perfect time to share with friends, family and be the store to everyone you know.  This summer enjoy time on your terms!!!
BEauticontrol is AMAZING!  BEauticontrol is  set in high gear to making our opportunity super fun and rewarding for everyone.  New Products and gifts just for "Hostesses" new  to make your selling easier than ever and offering a wonderful purchase with purchase. 
Share, Share, Share!!! The Life Changing Opportunity; Products to change Peoples lives and Friendships made!!
  BEauticontrol just keeps making our opportunity  and products even more life changing.  We offer everyone a Way out of debt, depression, stress and unbelievable friendships with unparalleled growth potential. BEauticontrol is really changing lives.   We are in the business of changing lives and offering someone the opportunity to Change there lives and Live the Life they LOVE without Financial Debt!!!
  Keep up the Awesome work! 


Top Recruiter
Jayna Gipson

Top  Seller
Jayna Gipson

New Promotion
Kathryn Brown ~ Senior Consultant
Gerri Stanfill ~ Senior Consultant

Ursula Mick ~ Senior VIP


Dream Start Achievers
Kathryn Bown ~ Set 1
Kathy Freeman ~ Set 1
Gerri Stanfill ~ Set 1,2, & 3

$2000+ Club

$1000+ Club
Jayna Gipson
Loraine Joy


$750+ Club
Tammi Hotchkiss
Gerri Stanfill
Luli Bryson

$500+ Club: 
Saima Saleem
Diana Mostats
Darla Voorhees
Ursula Mick

 Welcome Aboard New Team Members: 
Missie Brown, Kathryn Brown, Kathy Freeman, Christina Harryman, Desire Jones, Sorel Mcatee, Tammy Mcatee, Tammy Oliver, Gerri Stanfill, Sally Whiteaker, Wendy Zapata

 CHALLENGE 50 or MORE TEAM Spa's on Calendar!!!
SPA~SPA~SPA is the key to your dreams and changing live.  So for the next few months that will be the Primary goal and recognition is Online Spa count.  So lets make sure our team get 50 or MORE spa's on the calendar before the 5th of EVERY Month and I will reward VERY Nicely!!!

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